He Isn't Violent Yet

He threw something, swung at a friend, gets frequently angry with sales clerks and slams doors, you reason, "Well he is just upset, he will get over it."  But how many episodes like this have to keep occurring before one day he decides to blow up on you?

Walking on egg shells around an angry mate, making excuses for his (or her) behavior, and telling others, "Watch what you say...don't act like this...and you know how he is..." isn't normal.  Who wants to worry over what a partner might do so often?  Evidently your mate has a problem controlling his temperament.  Now you can play the "keep the peace" game until he gets violent with you or you can opt out and seek a plan of escape.  Your choice.

Read Ten Alarming Domestic Violence Statistics

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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