Abused Children & The Nasty Relatives and Adults Who Hurt Them!

Some people are being emotionally and physically hurt daily (or periodically) by someone in their family.  From fathers to cousins, people who claim to love them, are using and abusing them for their sick pleasures!

A working mother, an ailing guardian, or fearful sibling living in the home may or may not know what is going on with the little girl or boy who is often in trouble, sad, or angry.  Meanwhile, the abuser is getting away with hurting someone they are entrusted to care for. 

Children are not put on this earth to be abused, but some individuals assume that because others have done hurtful things to them or they once did the same things when they were a child, then it's okay.  But it's wrong!  It's so wrong!

A child's body is not able to handle something meant to be shared between two adults.  Think about all the complications that abused victims go through without any help.  Mentally they are unstable.  Physically they have illnesses, that for some, they never recover from.  Pregnancies, STDs, and more they have to face, all because a mentally ill adult decided to make their dark fantasies a reality!

Abused children reason that it is okay for an uncle, cousin, step-parent, or whoever else to do what they do to them, because they are familiar with that person and don't want to get into any trouble.  An immature mind will do almost anything for a piece of candy, a friendship, a new toy, or something else.

Recognize the signs of ongoing abuse.  Are there unexplained markings on a child's body?  Is there an adult who is spending far too much time with your child and often buying him/her some thing?  The abuser could be covering up some things he or she is doing to the child while family members are away.  Maybe the adult is threatening the child.  Notice the child's face and mannerisms when he or she is around this individual.  Are children often scared, crying, and doing other frightful things whenever this person comes around or offers to watch them?  Check clothing, look for blood or feces stains, and other things like wet sheets, urine smells, and other bodily fluids.  Ask yourself, "Why would a child tend to have these bodily issues especially when a certain adult is around?  Why does my child's room or other places in the home smell like that?"  Watch for signs that someone is covering up something by removing clothing, sheets, spraying air fresheners, etc.  Has your child typically hugged you and has been talkative, but now he or she is acting distant?  Is a relative or friend often telling your child what to say to you or telling him or her to go hug you when that wasn't an issue before?  Is this person too touchy/feely (kissing, hand-holding, rubbing legs) with your child?  Does he or she visit your child's bedroom at night and stays in the room for awhile or permits the child to stay up late while you go off to bed?"

When one is abused, he or she must speak up, but sometimes it just isn't possible when one's mind is already warped with the threats, promises, and other statements made by the abuser.  A parent, relative or someone else should be watching children.  No job, activity, event, hobby or something else should be so important that a person can't get away and get in touch with children.  Parents: leave work early some time.  Take a day off without no one knowing.  Stay up late at night periodically and arise early.  Don't permit children to stay in rooms all day especially with doors closed or sleep together in beds at night.  Not only can an adult abuse a child without one knowing, but children can abuse one another.  Don't ever assume, "Not my boyfriend would never...grandma wouldn't hurt a uncles and cousins love children..."  Be watchful of everyone and put your personal feelings aside!  We live in an evil world where most people are lax when it comes to morals and what is right and wrong--never assume anything! 

The most powerful weapon an abused person has against an abuser is exposing them.  Share information with a trusted school official, contact police, write a letter to a support group, tell a parent, contact children and youth services...but do something!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate

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